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Photo: Murcia, 2021.

Since I was 16 years old (year 2000), I've always traveled by motorcycle, 
even with 78cc machines not ready to travel, I was already getting lost in 
the most rural areas of my province where I loved to stop and contemplate 
without any hurry.

At the beginning of 2019 I decided that traveling by motorcycle from a 
contemplative side was more than traveling for tourism, it was a totally 
different experience, managing to smell and taste what a simple trip by car, 
train or plane would not give me.

Photo: Cap de Creus, 2022.

I decided to travel throughout my native country (Spain) in a leisurely way 
in order to increase and extract to the maximum the experience of traveling 
by motorcycle in a contemplative way.

This implied not only traveling to the tourist sites of all the provinces, 
but also analyzing each municipality, investigating it and experiencing it, 
that is, traveling as completely as possible.

Photo: Murcia, 2023.

Here I will be publishing a photographic diary with my favorite photographs 
of my experiences with the objective of motivation to enjoy something as 
incredible as it is to travel by motorcycle through Spain in this way.

@@@ Spain @@@
- [x] Murcia            
- [x] Toledo            | - [x] Ávila
- [x] Cuenca            | - [x] Jaén
- [x] Albacete          | - [x] Ciudad Real
- [x] Alicante          | - [x] Burgos
- [x] Segovia           | - [x] Valladolid
- [x] Granada           | - [x] Huesca
- [x] Madrid            | - [x] Teruel
- [x] Zaragoza          | - [x] Castellón
- [x] Tarragona         | - [x] Cordoba
- [x] Sevilla           | - [x] Málaga
- [x] Cádiz             | - [x] Lérida
- [x] Gerona            | - [x] Guipúzcoa
- [x] Vizcaya           | - [x] Almería
- [x] Oviedo            | - [x] Asturias
- [x] León              | - [x] Palencia
- [x] Galicia           | - [x] Cantabria

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