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> About

JS a.k.a. "edwsec" is a spanish SecDevOps.

After his HND in Software Engineering in 2009 he begun a bachelor degree
in Computing and Internet Engineering and completed in 2013.

During his period of study, he has had the opportunity to work and to 
learn with a really wide variety of people and companies from Spain, thing 
that have helped to satisfy his main motivation, to satisfy your curiosity.

Panem et circenses hater. Trying to find poetry in everything he do.
He're living “the absurd” in “hedoné + bios polítikós + bíos theoretikós”

His main drivers are the photography (street photography), 
computing research (platform engineering with secdevops philosophy), 
security research (pentesting and reversing) and travel on motorcycle.

Photo: JS, 2023.
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